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"I spit that uptown-body-rock-rolley-hop, and will a nigga ever shut me down? prolly not. Cause ever since I was a young lad I crushed emcees, kickin' ass takin' names at the trolley stop."

- Jay Electronica

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sparkin' it up with K. Sparks

So after shouting out the blog in his track "Blogology" I decided to hit up the Manic Monday Maniac. K. Sparks was really cool about it, and sat down to answer a few questions I'm sure you readers have been wanting to know. With no further ado, I present to you, K. Sparks.

Let’s start off the interview with a brief introduction. Your name, where you’re from, what you do, etc.

K: For starters let me say thanks to the Trolley Stop for building with me. My name is K. Sparks, I'm from Queens New York, and I'm an artist. I do everything from traditional Hip Hop to Jazz Hip Hop fusion.

When did you first start this Hip Hop thing? Was it always in your blood? Or did it just recently come about?

K: Actually I use to draw a lot when I was younger. I was heavy into comic books and shit like that so I would spend a lot of time drawing. Then the first time I heard Hip Hop was when I heard LL Cool J, after that it was a wrap like Christmas gifts. I was like a Hip Hop savage, I was lookin for any and everything Hip Hop. I was listening to cats like Ras Kass, Chino XL, The Bush Babies, Camp Lo, mostly the time frame where cats were actually dope. Music was always in my blood because my pops was a jazz player, he had his own band so I grew up seeing them playing in the crib. I always felt music was essentially my purpose in life. After a while I started freestyling a lot, and I didn't write down my rhymes because at the time I didn't know how to count bars. I would just go to school jumping in cyphers like "who spits? I'm better than you". And after a while I started to get my rep up. Freestyling developed into me learning how to make songs. From that point I was good money in the bank. I pushed myself to write at least 3 songs a day, and before I knew it I started building a dope catalouge.

What influences your music and your style?

K: Life. As long as you are alive you should have content to discuss. Some days I get up and everything is straight like Indian hair, so I make a song that reflects that emotion. Other days are shitty so I make a song that reflects that emotion. Any true artist should be able to be honest enough with themselves to give the fans that real music. As far as my style, I am a product of the golden era of Hip Hop. That era to me is cats like Ras Kass, Camp Lo, Chino XL, Xzibit, and etc. They all influenced my style. Plus I listen to alotta jazz music so my music is very eclectic. I'll jump on any beat as long as it's dope, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, whatever, I'll rip it.

As of now, who are your top 5 favorite music artists, regardless of genre?

K: My top 5 favorite artist are very eclectic, some of them most people probably never heard of before, and a few of them are familiar to most. For starters, 2 Pac is the dopest in my opinion for the simple fact that he is hands down a dope emcee. He had the ability to make any kind of song, dude made we wanna take music to another level. My second artist is Mike Phillips, he is a jazz player that is signed to Hidden Beach Records. Dude is dope, he has the ability to make songs that has me scratchin my head. Also, cats can't put him into a box due to the fact that he is so eclectic. My third artist is Tonex. He is an artist that is dope period. This cat can make any kind of record, and it's still fresh, creative, and innovative. My fourth artist is Jill Scott. I remember when I heard her first album, I was like "yo, this chick is the truth". Shorty is just a dope artist period. Lastly, my fifth artist is Big Pun. I mean, do I even have to explain that choice? Pun had a flow and style that was his own. Alotta cats try, but no one will ever be able to duplicate what he has done.

I’ve noticed that you and many other artists have been getting most of your music out by way of internet. How do you feel about the internet as a tool for reaching out to listeners and how it has affected the music business?

K: The internet is the best way for artist to get a name. Essentially if you have talent, and a computer you can utilize the internet to generate a solid buzz. The internet is a blessing to artist that are on the come up because it allows artist to be heard. For a while the industry was fucked up because there were not many outlets artist could be heard. Let's face it, this industry is grimey and filled with payola and ass holes. If you ain't payin then they ain't playin. A lot of these known Hip Hop websites only fuck wit artist if they pay them, a lot of DJ's only fuck with artist if they pay them, show promoers only let you perform if you pay them, but the internet levels the playing field. Between the blog sites along with other outlets artist now have been blessed with the opportunity to get proper shine. The internet is beautiful.

Honestly the first time I heard you was on the track you did with Kid Cudi, “Take ‘Em High”. That’s what got me hooked. As two up and coming artists how was it to work together?

K: Cudi's my dude. I was working on my album project and told him I wanted him to hop on a song. I sent him the beat and he laced it. I told him to come to my studio in Queens to track it and we did the damn thing. We are both very creative cats that strive for perfection. I wanted to make a record that has a real soulful Hip Hop sound, and it came out exactly how I wanted. I think in order for artist to make a dope collab it's best if the artist can work in the studio together, which we did. A lot of times due to time constraints I have to just send artist the beat, they track their verse and send it back, which is still cool, but magic tends to happen when artist can actually vibe in the studio together. That entire experience was dope, there will be more to come.

Let’s take a little break from serious conversation; straight up, Autobots or Decepticons?

K: Both. I like the fact that the Autobots stood for a good cause, but they was kinda soft n shit. Like in the movie when Bumblebee was gettin fucked up by the humans and being taken into custody. Optimus was like "yo, let's fall back cuz we can't risk harming the humans". I was like what the hell is this bitch ass nigga talkin bout, this nigga soft (laughs). The Decepts was bad, but them niggas was on some g shit. They ain't give a fuck, so I feel them in that aspect.

Everyone seems to be asking this question, so I might as well also. What are the top 5 girls you would smash?

K: Model Reicha, Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, Alicia Keys, and that chick that was in the Get Rich or Die Tryin Movie (I can't remember shorties name).

If you could genetically enhance yourself right now to have as many as 3 super powers what would they be?

K: It's funny you asked that cuz I was talkin to Big Drew about this same shit in the studio a few weeks ago. Number one above all I want some super color coded x-ray vision to see which woman got any kinda disease. Like I'll be walkin down the street seein colors n shit. If a chick is red that means she got the monster. If she green that means she got the clap, if she muddy brown that means there is an odor problem, and etc. Number 2 I would have to walk on water cuz I can't swim for shit. And Number 3 I need to be able to fly. You know how much money I would save goin from state to state doin shows?

Back to the important questions; what do you wish to accomplish with the new Manic Mondays platform?

K: Manic Mondays is a promotional tool to flood the market with solid music. I saw Crooked I and Mickey Factz both utilized weekly platforms to get their music heard. I spoke it over with my team and we all decided as a collective that this was something that I should do. I have so many dope producers at my disposal that it is an easy task to complete weekly. I'm very pleased with the response that Manic Mondays has gotten so far. The Blog Sites, Hip Hop Sites, and my fans have been really supportive. It's amazing because I'm only on Week 7 of this series, and the response already has been great. Along with the weekly songs I will also be doing a lot of mixtapes/albums. So far

Do you have any official albums or EPs in the works for the fans?

K: Mos def, now is a very exciting time for myself and my company because we have a lot of stuff going on. For starters, myself and Pajozo are working on our next album which will be released next year. Once it's complete we will shop it around to see which distributor we want to utilize. Also, I am working on my own album project which will be released next year as well. The majors have been hitting me up, but I'm still waiting for that right situation. Once it comes I'll make that step. Also, my artist Dave Barz is working on his album project as well. Kurser will be doing all of the production for that project, and I'm confident his project is gonna be solid. I don't have any set dates for when the projects will be released, but once I do I'll certainly let you know.

What does Hip Hop mean to you? Just give us your personal definition.

K: My personal definition of Hip Hop is very complicated, but I will attempt to summarize it by simply calling it a way of life. Hip Hop means everything to me, it means life, it means fun, it means the good, it means the bad, everything.

On behalf of Trolley Stop Entertainment and the fans, I would like to thank you for taking the time out to answer these questions. It means a lot to us, and we hope to hear more from you in the future. Anything else you want to add before you go?

K: Thanks for havin me, and I just wanna say to everyone out there that has dreams/goals, persistence wears down resistance. Don't ever stop reaching for the top, and never let anyone tell you what you can't do. Shout out my Double Up Entertainment family, Reicha Frazier, Tiff Wells, Big Drew, Dave Barz, Moe, Tina Quallo, D Roof, DJ Ophax, DJ King Flow, DJ Killa P, Mixtape Assassin, Pajozo, Kurser, Maine, Cartel, DJ Z and everyone that rides wit us. Thanks.

Be sure to check here every monday for K. Sparks' Manic Mondays, and check him out on his myspace too. Big ups to Double Up Entertainment! Keep putting out good music K!


Praverb said...

K.Sparks is a good dude...feeling his top 5 artists...definitely an eclectic taste...Tonex is the truth...

Mixtape Assassin said...

good shit...K. Sparks is a big problem for these wack rappers...good job on the interview trolley stop

The Galley Boys .com said...

Nice good to see hes linking up with artists like Kid Cudi... good taste in music too

RM London said...

Dope interview. K. Sparks is great.