The Stop

"I spit that uptown-body-rock-rolley-hop, and will a nigga ever shut me down? prolly not. Cause ever since I was a young lad I crushed emcees, kickin' ass takin' names at the trolley stop."

- Jay Electronica

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Son of Ran

Son of Ran - Tribute to Sky City

1. The SO
2. Can I
3. Brief Soul
4. The Professor
5. Second Wind
6. No Sunshizzle
7. Gates to Cybertron
8. Get Up
9. Street Science
10. As Long As Theres You
11. Y'alls Truly
12. Lion's Heart

Dug this guy up from the internet around the end of last year. The first thing i caught from this kid is his jazzy beats, very nice beats. He has a different style of rhyming too which is very interesting. He spits about everyday life, and his experiences, very inspiring. If your looking for some "brief soul" then look no further, give him a listen.

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