The Stop

"I spit that uptown-body-rock-rolley-hop, and will a nigga ever shut me down? prolly not. Cause ever since I was a young lad I crushed emcees, kickin' ass takin' names at the trolley stop."

- Jay Electronica

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Game disses a legend.

So I think that The Game is starting to let stuff get to his head. How can you diss someone like Jay-Z...unless your like Nas haha. But seriously, The Game needs to calm down. Personally I don't like The Game too much...he doesn't really appeal to me, so you can guess who's side I'm on for this one.

"I’m too disrespectful for Jay-Z, I go to hard. His beef is mediocre beef, it’s more swag and less hardcore. Me, I go in on your grandma, your kids and your girl….it will get ugly and I don’t mind. I have a whole coast to back me. My coast will turn their backs on whoever I beef with. So basically, let me commit suicide because I’m the only cat to commit suicide and resurrect every time. So for Jay to say that about me, that’s cool man because that’s Jay-Z and I’m just lil ol Game. But if you fuck with me I’ll turn to a beast, and ill rip ya head off..bust ya lips…turn the Roc-A-Fella sign, into a pee stain… I can be a fan of Jay and still rip him limb from limb and still be a fan. After I finish him off, I’m still going to listen to Reasonable Doubt afterwards. I’ll kiss Jay goodbye with his own lips. I’m going to make him mad enough to where he has to say something."

I think that Jay-Z should be the bigger man and not even pay attention to that, don't even sweat it, but that's just my opinion. I am curious as to what he would say though...

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