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- Jay Electronica

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rock The Bells: Miami 8/2/08 Pt. 3

So today was a pretty crappy day for me but I'm here to bestow upon you the last and final installment of my Rock The Bells review anyway. (Sorry for the bad pictures, I couldn't get any good ones since it was dark)

The Pharcyde had a long show, about an hour or so. By the time Meth & Red got on stage it was already dark out. Once they came on stage, man the crowd went insane. I mean, who doesn't love Method Man or Redman? They're hip hop classics. They got their set started with songs from their Black Out album. After a while probably their most famous song dropped; Da Rockwilder. I looked around and everyone around me, including myself, was rapping along with the song. After Da Rockwilder, Redman announced that their making a second album together called Black Out II, or BO2. After that, Redman asked the crowd a question: "How many of y'all think you smoke more weed than Method Man and Redman?" and everyone raised their hands. He said, "If you think you do, raise your middle fingers and say fuck you Redman!" and naturally everyone did what he said (I don't smoke though, drug free haha). Then the beat for their song How High dropped, and once they got through that he announced that they were making a second How High movie. I'm pretty excited for that, the first movie was good haha. Then, after a long pause, the beat for Method Man came on. Yes the all time classic song for the M-E-T-H-O-D Man! Everyone went crazy, reciting all the lyrics without even thinking. Method Man ended their set with his usual crowd walk. Meth and Red rocked their set, and in my opinion, was another one of the best sets in the show.

Now comes THE BEST show of the night. I was waiting for this show the whole day, and it definitely did not disappoint. Nas took the longest time to come on stage, but the wait was worth it. He came out and performed a couple songs including Hip Hop Is Dead, and Sly Fox. Then he asked the crowd if its alright if we go back in time, and you know what that means. Yep, he performed the whole Illmatic album (represent! represent!). He did hits such as NY State Of Mind, It Aint Hard To Tell, Represent, and One Love. He went into It Was Written next, with Street Dreams, and If I Ruled The World. Next came I Am... , with Nas Is Like, Hate Me Now, and N.Y. State of Mind Pt. II. Then he went a little out of order and did Made You Look from Gods Son. When the song dropped, every one was yelling "Bravehearts! Bravehearts!" man it was amazing. Then the DJ stopped the music, and the instrumental for One Mic came on, the audience went insane. One Mic is one of Nas' most influential, and best known songs in my opinion. After all the classics he got into the rest of his Untitled album. Nas stole the show in my opinion, even from A Tribe Called Quest.

After Nas' amazing performance, Q-tip came out with a live band and began to do his set. No one was really feeling it, until Phife Dawg came out. A Tribe Called quest had finally been reunited on one stage after their last reunion at Rock The Bells '04. They did all their hits from Low End Theory, Midnight Marauders, and Beats Rhymes and Life. Some songs rocked more than other such as Bonita Applebum, Electric Relaxation, Scenario, and Award Tour. Personally I wanted them to perform 1nce Again (my favorite Tribe song), but I guess I wanted too much because it never came on...but it's all good, they still rocked their set very well.

Hands down, these 3 acts, along with De La Souls act, took the show. They were the cream of the crop.

Ultimately I'm glad I went to Rock The Bells, it was the best day of my life (so far). To see all Hip Hops finest on one stage is incredible. If you've never been before, I HIGHLY recommend it, you'll have the time of your life.

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