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"I spit that uptown-body-rock-rolley-hop, and will a nigga ever shut me down? prolly not. Cause ever since I was a young lad I crushed emcees, kickin' ass takin' names at the trolley stop."

- Jay Electronica

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The names Bond, James Bond.

"I don't think the dead care about vengeance..."

Well...where to start with this movie...Quantum of Solace isn't for the weak hearted. This movie is so action packed it basically could've busted the projector. The movie starts off where Casino Royale left off. The very first scene is a car chase along a mountain side, through traffic at that. To add to this Bond goes through various situations where he kills his adversary. If you haven't noticed by now, this movie is mainly based on revenge, which makes it that much more bad ass. Bond has no regard for life throughout the movie until the end. To add to the action, the movie includes land, water, AND aerial chases, which are all equally crazy! Daniel Craig has proved himself once again. He definitely fits the role of the bad ass woman charmer we all know and love, well at least to me. Older people tend to differ because they still see Sean Connery as the best. There's not much else I can say without ruining this movie for just go and watch it already!

4 Thumbs up (out of 4)


Jay Santos said...

Grammar check homie:
The name's Bond


The names Bond

don't worry, I do it for the love, no need to pay me back :)

beezer said...

yeah i loved it. dont know what all the fuss is about. F the critics. trilogy baby.