The Stop

"I spit that uptown-body-rock-rolley-hop, and will a nigga ever shut me down? prolly not. Cause ever since I was a young lad I crushed emcees, kickin' ass takin' names at the trolley stop."

- Jay Electronica

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Here's the newest track that leaked off Jay-Z's newest project with Kanye. S.L.U. (Swagger Like Us). The sample comes from a M.I.A. song. As much as I hate Lil Wayne...sigh...I still have to post this. I mean it's got Jay-Z, Kanye and T.I. (one of the few mainstream southern artists I like, along with Outkast and Ludacris) . Although I do have to say I hate that voice thing that Kanye and Lil Wayne have taken on from T-Pain...who I also dislike very much haha.

Jay-Z, Kayne West, Lil Wayne, & T.I. - Swagger Like Us

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you better goddam mention