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- Jay Electronica

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Subterraneous Records Presents...

Subterraneous Records - Water World Too

  1. "Emerge-In-Sea Intro"
  2. "Substance" feat. Magestik Legend, Malaki, One Be Lo; prod. One Be Lo
  3. "Subterraneous" feat. Magestik Legend, One Be Lo; prod. Ironiclee
  4. "The Saga Continues" feat. Kodac, Decompoze, Illite; prod. One Be Lo
  5. "Splash" feat. One Be Lo, Decompoze, Kodac, Buff; prod. One Be Lo
  6. "Rivers Run Wild" feat. One Man Army, Kodac, Illite, Magestik Legend; prod. Decompoze
  7. "Monsters" feat. Magestik Legend, One Be Lo, Malaki; prod. One Be Lo
  8. "Mag(nificent) 7" feat. Magestik Legend, Illite, Kodac, Nova Cain, Malaki, One Be Lo, Vital; prod. One Be Lo
  9. "Waterlude" feat. Illite, Malaki; prod. One Be Lo
  10. "Player Haters" feat. Magestik Legend, Kodac, One Be Lo, Illite, Octaine; prod. Chic Masters
  11. "Word Em Up" feat. Boy One Da, Magestik Legend, Illite, Kodac; prod. Phrikshun
  12. "Life In The Fast Lane" feat. One Be Lo, Illite, Magestik Legend; prod. One Be Lo
  13. "Pistons" feat. Illite, Kodac, The Anonymous, KLM; prod. Chic Masters
  14. "Jokes On You" prod. Chic Masters
  15. "Mental Planes" feat. One Be Lo, Magestik Legend, Malaki; prod. One Be Lo
  16. "Double Essay's (S.S.A)" feat. One Be Lo; prod. Phrikshun
  17. "Millipede" feat. One Man Army, Decompoze, Magestik Legend; prod. One Be Lo
  18. "Beat Break" feat. DJ Virus
  19. "Waterworld Wide" feat. Nick Speed, Magestik Legend, Illite, Kodac, One Be Lo, Malaki, Octaine; prod. One Be Lo
It's been a while since I actually posted up something like this...but anyway, this is the indie label that supports One Be Lo, and a few other artists whom I enjoy listening to. This was released a while back, specifically after Binary Star disbanded. It was intended as a showcase for the artists on the label, not a follow up to Water World, or Masters of the Universe. Not many copies were released so this is a really rare album. Check it out.

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EastofLA said...

Thanks for posting on Binary Star & Lo. I can tell you we are working on some exciting things from One Be Lo, Senam Silla & Binary Star coming soon and we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Follow One Be Lo & upcoming projects at

Gopi Sangha @

Malaki the Most Hi said...

I am sitting in bed trying to remember all my lyrics to monsters. So I googled and found this. We all have albums in the works Malaki the Most Hi "The Uprise" coming soon and I'm doing all the production on Senim Sillas next project. Plus the Platinum in the Streets Tour: Binary Star starts next week Oct 10 @ blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Mi. Get at Lo on twitter. @onebelo for booking thanks for supporting and my copy of this is old and scratched so ill DL it! Lmao
Malaki the Most Hi