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"I spit that uptown-body-rock-rolley-hop, and will a nigga ever shut me down? prolly not. Cause ever since I was a young lad I crushed emcees, kickin' ass takin' names at the trolley stop."

- Jay Electronica

Friday, June 20, 2008

Euro Cup 2008

So I play soccer, and naturally I'm gonna talk about it on here even if its not your cup of tea. Anyways, this summer in the soccer world has been pretty action packed what with the euro cup and all. this year each team has really stepped up their game, even the Austrians came out fighting (ranked 92nd by fifa), although to no avail. The teams to watch for though, if you are watching it, are Croatia, Turkey, Spain, and the Netherlands. Out of those i think Turkey has surprised me the most (i didn't even think they'd get past the group stage). BUT, my choice to win the tournament, is the Netherlands. They were part of the so called "Group of Death" which consisted of Italy, Romania, and France. We murdered each team. 3-0 against Italy, 4-1 against France, and 2-0 against Romania (with our substitutes). In the quarter finals they're going up against the young Russian team. All i have to say is HUP HUP HOLLAND!

Here's a little taste of the damage they've done so far...

France v Netherlands 4-1

The orange army is going to take it all! hopefully

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